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Press Releases:

July 15, 2021  Questex’s World Tea Conf. + Expo 2021 Is a Resounding Success

June 2, 2021 Tea Leaders Brew up Excitement for Questex’s World Tea Conference + Expo, June 28-30, 2021

April 22, 2021 The Tea, Bar & Restaurant Industries Unite in Las Vegas This Summer

August 19, 2020 – Questex's 'World Tea Virtual Summit: What Now?' to Take Place Oct. 12-14, 2020

July 15, 2020 – Questex Cancels World Tea Conference & Expo 2020 Amid COVID-19 Pandemic. World Tea Conference & Expo Reconvenes in July 2021

March 20, 2020 – Questex Postpones World Tea Conference + Expo 2020 Amid COVID-19 Epidemic. Event Rescheduled for October 15-18, 2020, in Denver, Colorado


"In The News" Highlights:

Comunicaffe International (March 13, 2020) – “Denver was strategically selected as the host city for this year’s World Tea Conference + Expo because of its vibrant and thriving food, beverage, retail and hospitality business landscape…”

CoffeeTalk (March 13, 2020) – “Conference delegates will experience new tea products, discover new ways to profit from tea, gain insights on starting a tea business, hear about the latest tea trends…”

World Tea News (March 16, 2020) – “Event to attract the international tea community, as well as retail, hospitality and restaurant and bar businesses in North America…”

Fresh Cup Magazine (June 19, 2019) “…you’re immersed into a community of intensely passionate, knowledgeable, and ambitious tea experts from all over the world…”

eighty degrees magazine (July 17, 2019) – “…the biggest annual tea convention in the Americas…”

The SoCal Food & Beverage Professional (April 2019 Cover Story) – “Discover the profitability of tea…”

Tea Happiness Blog (June 20, 2019) – “Some of the most wonderful vendors…”

Oolong Owl Blog (June 18, 2019) – “…THE place to check out the newest tea gadgets, trends and teas…”

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal (June 5, 2019) – “Hundreds of new tea products…”

Comunicaffe International (June 6, 2019) – “…bringing tea professionals and industry leaders who raise the bar with new tea innovations and world class education…”

CoffeeTalk (May 17, 2019) – “World Tea Expo publishes new white paper, ‘The Next Wave in Tea…’”

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal (May 16, 2019) – “2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner…” (May 7, 2019) – “How can tea stay competitive?” (April 30, 2019) – ‘Tea 3.0 is here!’ Functionality and transparency dominate tea trends…” (May 20, 2019) – “World Tea publishes new white paper, ‘The Next Wave In Tea’”

Comunicaffe International (Feb. 13, 2019) – “Serving up a product-filled exhibition…”

The Daily Tea (July 13, 2018) – “The expo is a chance for members of the tea community to come together and learn about better business practices..”