World Tea Expo

An infusion of fresh ideas for the new era of tea.

Modernize the tea experience and tackle new trends through approachable solutions March 18-20, 2024 in Las Vegas.

If you are a retailer, tea shop owner, grocer, gourmet retailer, distributor, F&B director, spa manager, specialty grocer, mass merchant, or new business owner, World Tea Expo is your chance to capitalize on this growing category to the fullest.

  • Embrace new ideas to attract loyal customers.
  • Find creative solutions to match consumer lifestyle trends.
  • Taste new flavor combinations.
  • Tap into the health & wellness beverage world.
  • Incorporate diversified product offerings.
  • And more!

Registration opens this Fall.


2023 delivered an enhanced experience with 11,477 attendees.


Accelerate the evolution of tea and embrace new opportunities.


Have a product to sell? Meet new customers and grow your business, it's that simple.

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Adapting new tea trends shouldn't slow you down.

Key exhibitors in 2023 are listed below! Consolidate the purchasing process and meet global suppliers.

  • Jay Shree Tea & Industries, India
  • China Ethnic International Exhibition Co.
  • Rooibos North America
  • Sri Lanka Tea Board
  • Nepal Tea Quality from the Himalayas, MoICS
  • Luxmi Estates
  • Fujian Tianhui Industrial, China
  • Glenburn Tea Direct, India
  • JingWei Fu Tea USA, China
  • Shen Xian Tea Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  • Sasaki Green Tea, Japan
  • OHKI Co., Japan
  • Three Leaf Golden Tea, Kenya
  • Dweller Teas, India
  • SCORPION, Poland
  • Harney & Sons
  • FirsdTea
  • MILK+T
  • And 80 more!
World Tea Expo

Guiding you through the new era of tea with immersive experiences.

Tea Bar

Tea Bar

A dynamic experience at showcasing the latest teas, tea products, mocktails, cocktails, and innovation that is shaping the industry.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Meet new suppliers and form new connections.

Boba Tea Pavilion

Boba Tea Pavilion

Learn how to embrace the boba boom.



Reconnect with the industry.

The Bistro

The Bistro

Showcasing the very best and latest food, beverage, and technology products.

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