World Tea Expo

Tea Bar: Experience the Latest Tea Beverages.

Sampling at the Tea Bar is open to all attendees and beverages are complimentary!

Tea Bar is a dynamic experience at World Tea Expo showcasing the latest teas, cocktails, RTDs, and innovation that is shaping the future of industry.

Discover today’s most popular types of tea beverages, plus network with new suppliers, distributors, and your peers and learn which products are in hottest demand. Open to all attendees during expo hall hours!

Complimentary Tea Bar Samples Include:

  • Tropical Tea Sour: Tea-infused Rocavaka vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, Vor Foods Vegan Egg White Substitute
  • Flavor Waves: Plum Boutique (Green Tea), Pistachio Shortbread (Black Tea), Yuzu Spritz (Herbal)
  • Mother's Love Tea: Myanmar Green Tea, Sticky Rice Tea
  • Dethlefsen & Balk
  • Horiguchi Seicha
  • Sara's Tea Caddie
  • Ronnefeldt: Morgentau