An infusion of fresh ideas for the new era of tea.

Modernize the tea experience and tackle new trends through approachable solutions March 24-26, 2025 in Las Vegas.

If you are a Retailer, Tea Shop, Hospitality Venue & Restaurant, Health & Wellness Outlet, University and Higher Education Facility, or New Business Owner, World Tea Expo is your chance to capitalize on this fast-growing industry.

  • New! Conference Tracks:
    • Retail
    • Supply Chain
    • Products & Innovation
    • Foodservice & Hospitality
    • Tea Nerdery
  • Embrace new ideas to attract loyal customers.
  • Find creative solutions to match consumer lifestyle trends.
  • Taste new flavor combinations.
  • Tap into the health & wellness beverage world.
  • Incorporate diversified product offerings.
  • And more!

BONUS! All passes include access to the Bar & Restaurant Expo Floor.

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Submit a proposal to speak on the World Tea Expo conference program through August 30, 2024.

If you’ve found creative ways to successfully navigate today’s challenges, we want to hear from you!

Speaker submissions will be judged based on:

  • Value of takeaways and action-oriented strategies
  • Relevance to the World Tea Expo conference attendee profile(s)
  • Timeliness of topics with current Industry trends and challenges
  • Speaking & Education Qualifications

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World Tea Expo
World Tea Expo

Exciting 2025 Change: Second Floor Expo Hall!

World Tea Expo will be elevated to a new level – literally.

The Expo Hall will be located on the second floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center (South Hall) with a dedicated entrance. This change is designed to enhance your experience and provide a more focused environment for all things tea

Why This Move Matters to You:

  1. Dedicated Space for the Business of Tea: By having a separate entrance we’re creating a unique and immersive space exclusively for tea professionals and suppliers. This means more meaningful connections, uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of other events.
  2. Enhanced Networking Opportunities: With a dedicated area for tea, you’ll have the perfect environment to meet with other tea industry experts, suppliers, and buyers. This focused atmosphere will make networking easier and more impactful.
  3. Tailored Experience: Expect an expo hall that’s thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs and interests of the tea community. From the layout to the ambiance, everything is curated to enhance your experience and engagement.
  4. Easier Navigation: The separate entrance and floor make it simple to navigate directly to the World Tea Expo. No more weaving through unrelated booths – just a seamless journey into a world of tea.

Tea to Table.

A Visual Tour of the Latest Innovations at World Tea Expo!

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Discover these International Pavilions!

Located on the Expo Hall | Included in All Passes

Explore and sample an exquisite array of teas from around the globe including traditional favorites to innovative blends. Immerse yourself in the rich history, diverse flavors, and captivating aromas that international tea producers have to offer. 


  • Chikiriya
  • Kagoshima Seicha
  • Marumatsu Tea Co., Ltd
  • Maruzen Tea Co.,Ltd.
  • NASA Corporation
  • Osada Seicha Co.,Ltd.
  • Oyaizu Seicha International Japanese Tea Co., Ltd.
  • Shizuoka Alliance
  • Nikken Foods Co.,Ltd.
  • Sugimoto USA


  • Doidep Tea & Coffee
  • Golden Dragon Tea
  • Gunam Tea & Coffee


  • Fujian Tianhu Industrial
  • Firsd Tea
  • Seven Teahouse
  • Tea Tell Truth
  • Jade Tea/TEASY


  • Cup of Joe (Majani Group)
  • BVORO Tea

Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka Tea Board
  • Hendricks Tea House


  • TeaVendor
  • Glenburn Fine Indian Tea
  • Black Falcon Ventures (Apurva Organics)


  • DF Global dba Damuth


  • Hummingbirds Intl.
  • Shen Xian Tea
  • Yoyo Foods

And more:

  • Canada Aroma Tea House
  • Australia, 01LIVING LIMITED
  • Singapore, Green Pot Tea Pte Ltd
  • Canada, Teemittel
  • Eastearn Asia, Eastern Elm
  • Germany, Dethlefsen & Balk
  • Greek, Seven Senses Organic
  • Ireland, ZenGate Global
  • Italy, Cesira
  • South Africa, Rooibos North America
  • Malawi, Shalom Farms Malawi
  • Nepal, Nepal Tea Collective
  • Poland, SCORPION
  • South Korea, Wild Orchard Regenerative Tea
  • Tanzania, Kazi Yetu
  • Myanmar, International Trade Center (ITC)
  • View the full exhibitor list here


Connect, collaborate, and cultivate meaningful relationships with industry leaders.


Accelerate the evolution of tea, embrace new opportunities, and sample the latest teas.


Discover the secrets to building a thriving business with fresh revenue streams.

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