In Pursuit of the Romance of Tea

  • Thursday, 06/14/2018: 11:30 AM - 12:40 PM
  • Room: S226
  • Session Number:  CS30


Having grown old in the service of tea, James Norwood Pratt finds youthful excitement in today's tea pioneers, internet entrepreneurs and intrepid explorers discovering teas grown in jungles and on mountain tops that few have been privileged to experience before now. JNP foresees a future for new teas, often from new origins, and new tea businesses based on them. Where and what are these teas and who is pioneering them? Go back to the beginning of the Tea Renaissance with the sage instrumental in creating it and take a fresh look at is exciting future through his eyes.

Learning Objectives

1. History of tea exploration
2. Today's history making people & places
3. What the future might bring


James Norwood Pratt

Founder & Author
James Norwood Pratt Tea Society