Oolong-Sense: Strategies & Tactics for Promoting Oolong in Your Tea Business

  • Thursday, 06/14/2018: 11:30 AM - 12:40 PM
  • Room: S230
  • Session Number:  CS47


All you have to know in common sense about Taiwan Oolong, starts from tea labeling, classification, process, cupping & grading, tasting with Harmony Code, and design your own menu and serving program. Clear all confusion, understand the theory on Oolong's Appearance, Color, Aroma, Flavor and Taste in plain language related to daily life.


Use PPT & slides to explain:
Theory (Basics)
Cupping & Grading demonstration
Tasting with Harmony Code
Menu madness with SOP of serving program

Learning Objectives

1. Create your Oolong Labeling system with correct classification that your staff and customers will easy to access and know well.
2. FAQ: Easy to duplicate for staff training & handle customer service.
3. Cupping & Grading with special designed Cupping Log.


Thomas Shu

Ambassador of Taiwan Tea
JT & Tea