Selling Tea in the U.S. Specialty Food Market

  • Tuesday, 06/12/2018: 11:30 AM - 12:40 PM
  • Room: S230
  • Session Number:  CS33


Reviewing key regulations, logistics. label requirements, pricing, promotional strategies and retailer fees to successfully navigate the U.S. specialty food markets. Understanding the roles, services and margin requirements of importers, distributors, wholesalers, brokers and retailers. Successful entry into the U.S. depends on developing a comprehensive blueprint and creating a strategy to execute this plan.


Using PowerPoint slides to present an overview followed by audience participation practicing pitching specific products with actual pricing and promotional programs.

Learning Objectives

Overview of layers of distribution in the U.S. specialty retail market
Understanding of how each channel impacts margins and selling price
Creating a distribution grid, retail pricing model and promotional schedule


Janis Grover

Grover Global Food Marketing