World Tea Academy Live

About World Tea Academy: World Tea Academy is the leading online tea education and certification program, developed with the oversight and input of an unprecedented group of tea industry experts and luminaries. Classes are delivered monthly in three-week sessions, with 24/7 online access to lectures, videos, assignments, and tests, meeting the demands of your busy schedule, while focusing your investment of time and money, in education, not travel. WTA offers two levels of tea certification and three distinct certification paths to meet your specific career goals. The program consists of a Core Curriculum of seven classes and completion earns students the designation of WTA Certified Tea Specialist™. In our Advanced Curriculum, you can achieve one or more of the following higher-level designations: WTA Certified Tea Professional™, WTA Certified Tea Sommelier™, and WTA Certified Tea Health Expert™. The program is directed by one of the industry’s most recognized tea educators, Donna Fellman, who is also the lead teacher.

Tea Craftsman™ Certification Program

Hula Consulting and Firedancer Coffee Consultants in conjunction with the endorsement of World Tea Academy, have designed this exciting new 2-day tea program to be held in conjunction with the World Tea Expo 2018.

This complete intensive 2-day seminar gives you the core knowledge and skills to further your tea business. From seed-to-cup, we help you build on the basic foundations of tea, to help you understand the specialty tea industry, terminology, production, and evaluation practices. We then take you on a guided ‘passport journey’ around the world of tea origins, learning first-hand about teas from specific regions and tasting the most popular teas worldwide. Next, we break away from true tea (Camellia sinensis) and discuss the role that herbal ‘tisane’ teas play. Finally, we guide you in creating your own custom teas through scenting, flavoring, and blending. You’ll walk away from this program with the information needed to expand your tea knowledge, skill-base, and income.

"The Certified Tea Craftsman Course that Scott and his team have put together is a thorough and well laid out course that helps attendees quickly and easily gain the necessary knowledge and tools to source and create unique tea flavors and blends." Jessica Boyd, Owner: Tea Sip, Houston, Texas (tea retailer and manufacturer)

Day 1:

The first day focuses on building upon the foundations of tea history, culture, production, and professional evaluation of the 6 basic types of tea (white, green, yellow, oolong, black, & dark). You’ll come away knowing:

  • History & Tradition
  • Growing, Cultivation, and Production
  • Post- Production Processes
  • How Tea is Graded
  • The Difference between Specialty and Commodity Tea
  • How to Professionally Cup and Evaluate Tea

Day 2:

Day two starts with an in-depth exploration of the traditional countries or origin for tea; with a review of the cultural influence, brewing methods, and production methods used to make each country’s tea. Additionally, we will cup and evaluate several teas from each country and discuss their use. Next, we explore the most common herbal/tisane “teas” sold in the US, as well as, botanical ingredients that are used in creating custom tea blends. We review how to properly evaluate flavors for tea and how to apply flavoring to teas. Finally, we talk about the proper blending methodology for creating custom blended teas. In Day 2, you’ll come away knowing:

  • Teas of Traditional Origin - China, Taiwan, Japan, India, & Sri Lanka
  • How herbal/tisane teas differ from real tea
  • How to evaluate flavoring
  • How to create blended teas

* This is a Two-Part Course and both days are required.