Agenda for World Tea Virtual Summit: What Now?

Note: Times below for each session are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Day One
Monday, October 12 | 1:45pm-5:30pm EST

Introductory Remarks


  • Tim McLucas, VP & Market Leader, Hospitality Market, Questex
  • Faith Bailes, Community & Conference Content Manager, World Tea Conference & Expo

State of the Industry


  • Peter Goggi, President, Tea Association, USA

The Profitable Perks of Personality - How to infuse your personality into your business to jumpstart success! 

“The Secret to Succeeding in Business is in the first to letters of Business… Bu!” A mantra that Tea Master and personal Brand expert Daniel Lewis has used over the last 9 years to build an a multi award winning tea business. What happens when you remove “the Steve Jobs” from “the Apple’s” of the world… You end up bringing them back. Removing personality from your business can often result in the downfall of any company. So, how does one incorporate personality into their business? Step 1… Join the session and leave the rest up to Daniel!


  • Daniel LewisOwner, T By Daniel

Spotlight on Japan: Innovation in Organic Matcha
Sponsored by Matcha Organic Japan

Join us for an informative session with the Japanese Tea Farmers of the Matcha Organic Japan (MOJ) Cooperative as they provide a tour of their “Organic Matcha Village” in Shizuoka, Japan. Participants will learn how MOJ is using innovative methods to produce pesticide-free, certified organic Matcha throughout their entire village while preserving the Japanese tradition of high-quality tea.


  • Kunikazu Mochitani, Director of International Sales and Shareholder Member, Matcha Organic Japan

4:00pm- 4:40pm
Lessons Learned from the Crisis and How to Apply to Your Business

COVID 19 has upended the tea industry’s marketing strategies.  In our new reality, what marketing strategies will work in place of one-on-one engagement with customers? To provide solutions, a group of tea professionals from different types of tea businesses will share their marketing strategies for not only surviving but thriving during these challenging times.


  • Kyle Stewart, The Cultured Cup in Texas
  • Brandon Friedman, Rakkasan Tea Company
  • Chris Olsen, Teatulia
  • Cecilia Corral, Academic Director, Mexican Tea School 
  • Andrés Jurado, General Manager, Corporativo TIANTÉ

5:00pm- 5:30pm
Virtual Happy Hour
Sponsored by Matcha Organic Japan

Registration Perk

FREE samples of high quality organic matcha from Japan! (Limited availability)

The first 1,000 US attendees to register for the World Tea Virtual Summit will receive free organic matcha samples, shipped straight to your door. Samples will be used during the Virtual Summit Happy Hour on October 12 at 5:00pm EST, sponsored by Matcha Organic Japan.

Exciting matcha drinks and cocktails will be prepared.

Register today!

Day Two
Tuesday, October 13 | 2:00pm-5:30pm EST

Introductory Remarks


  • Faith Bailes, Community & Conference Content Manager, World Tea Conference & Expo

KEYNOTE - In Good Taste

Sebastian Michaelis will talk about his role as a professional tea taster for the second largest tea company in the world and how he was trained to classify any tea using Tata’s in-house tasting language. How taste is more than just a sense but is entwined biologically with smell and long-term memory, and the impact that the environment and mood can play in influencing taste. Finally the importance of connecting with your consumers by understanding how their taste is shaped by culture, history and upbringing.


  • Sebastian Michaelis Head of Tea, Tata Global Beverages

3:00pm- 3:45pm
Staying Relevant in 2020 in Product Development and Messaging


  • Maria Uspenski, Founder & CEO, The Tea Spot
  • Plus, don't miss special surprise guest speakers during this session!

4:00pm- 4:50pm
Embracing Tea Into a Plant Based Life-Style
Sponsored by ITO EN North America


  • Rona Tison, Senior Vice President at ITO EN (North America) INC

Virtual Happy Hour
Romantic Renaissance of Scotland’s Rustic Rugged Romantic Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland Heather Tea
Sponsored by Deli-isher's Cuisine Studio Froachan Tartan Tea Co Ltd 

Welcome to Scotland’s No 1 & only Wild Mountain Highland Heather Tartan Tea ‘Clan MacFroachan’. In Scotland’s 1st Studio Froachan Tartan Tea Garden. Experience & hear the Romantic Renaissance of Wild Mountain Highland Heather Tea. For thousands of years, this healthy brew was drunk by Ancient Scots Picts, Celts & Worshiped by the Druids. Immortalized by Romantic poets Robert Burns, Writers Sir Walter Scot & adored by Queen Victoria. It was here While Hiking with her family in Scotland’s Ancient Mountains Hills & glens that Antosa was ‘Inspired’ by Heathers scented Purple Bloom to lovingly re-create an ancient Highland Heather Tea. Aye sit back and let Scotland come to you in one wee Brew!

Day Three
Wednesday, October 14 | 1:50pm-5:30pm EST

Introductory Remarks


  • Faith Bailes, Community & Conference Content Manager, World Tea Conference & Expo

Home Grown Content


  • Tony Tellin, Co-Founder, A. Tellin Company

Revolution in Controlling Your Infusion with New Technology
Sponsored by Menna Corporation


  • Orit Eisenberg, Menna Corporation

Best of Tea Awards

Recognizing the companies, products, individuals and expertise that are leading the industry in 2020.
Sponsored by The Tea Spot


  • Faith Bailes, Community & Conference Content Manager, World Tea Conference & Expo
  • Shabnam Weber, President, Tea and Herbal Association of Canada

Building a Robust Ecommerce Platform for a Rapidly Changing Sector


  • Shabnam Weber, President, Tea and Herbal Association of Canada
  • Kevin Gascoyne, Tea Buyer/Taster, Camellia Sinensis
  • Joshua Kaiser, Rishi Tea
  • Jeffrey Champeau, Marketing Director, Rishi Tea

Virtual Happy Hour

Best of Tea Awards | Featuring 10 categories on Wednesday, October 14 at 3:00pm EST
Sponsored by The Tea Spot

Recognizing the companies, products, individuals and expertise that are leading the industry in 2020. Awards will be presented by Faith Bailes, Community & Conference Content Manager, World Tea Conference & Expo and Shabnam Weber, President, Tea and Herbal Association of Canada.

View the Finalists! 2020 Best of Awards Top 3 Picks in no particular order.

  • Best Tea Advocate    
  • Best Tea Campaign    
  • Best Tea Publication    
  • Best Global Tea Excellence    
  • Best Tea Product    
  • Best Service Excellence Award    
  • Best Tea Video Content    
  • Best Tea Startup    
  • Best Tea Culinary/Craft Application
  • Best Tea Industry Innovation    
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