World Tea Expo
Pre-Conference: June 11-14, 2018
Conference & Expo: June 12-14, 2018
Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall

Culinary Approach to Product Development

  • Wednesday, 06/14/2017: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Room: N238
  • Session Number:  CS05


Tony will discuss how many tactics are a blend of pastry chef, bartender, brewer, distiller, and of course tea blender. He will show and talk about tea lattes, custom syrups and concentrations, artfully cross contaminating, making ingredients as well as buying them and creating a tea kitchen verses factory. He will also take about flavor development in general and how to stay inspired.

Learning Objectives

You will learn the approach that Tony takes in making his unique blends. How he works through the process and then take it to market.


Tony Tellin

Tea Maker
Smith Teamaker