World Tea Expo
Pre-Conference: June 11-14, 2018
Conference & Expo: June 12-14, 2018
Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall

Uncovering the Jewel of Korean Tea & the Dedication of Tea Masters

  • Tuesday, 06/13/2017: 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Room: N239
  • Session Number:  CS27


Much is known about world of tea, but Korean tea and people who produce Korean tea are relatively unknown to the world. Only when people visit tea fields, drink tea, engage with tea producers can people realize the profound beauty and exceptional quality of Korean tea as well as masterful dedication of people who produce these teas. This presentation is intended to bring the audience to Korea as if the audience can feel the history, beauty and unique characteristics of Korean tea that can be distinguished from any other tea in the world. The presentation, guided through images, brings the audience to (1) the legendary beginning of Korean tea (2) tea producing regions and unique characteristics of Korean teas – green tea and oxidized teas and (3) tea masters and their approach to Korean tea and tea making. The focus of the presentation is devoted to gaining understanding of Korean ‘tea masters’ – their lives, philosophy and methods for Korean tea making.

Learning Objectives

1- Expanded understanding of Asian tea types beyond Chinese and Japanese Tea. Understanding of history, tea producing regions and types of Korean tea.
2- Knowledge of Korean tea making methods – green tea and oxidized teas.
3- Understanding what Korean tea masters focus on in making Korean tea – the principles, philosophy and characteristics.


Fred Y.S Yoo

Kookmin University