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World Tea East, Oct. 2-3 in Philadelphia, Shows How Tea is as Fine as Wine
Hundreds of Specialty Teas, Products and Educational Sessions Illustrate Tea’s Depth, Quality and Versatility at Upcoming Philly Trade Show


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Sept. 21, 2012) –World Tea East is what’s hot in Philadelphia, Penn., Oct. 2 – 3 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The tradeshow features 100s of teas and wares, educational sessions, a Dragon Tea Ceremony, a “Reflections in Tea” art exhibit, and sessions that demonstrate the parallels between fine teas and fine wines, among other highpoints. World Tea East supports and fuels the expanding demand for specialty tea and related products in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States. The event is organized by World Tea Media, which produces the global event World Tea Expo, in Las Vegas, Nev. each year. Registration and details for World Tea East in Philly can be found at

World Tea East presenter Cynthia Gold, a tea sommelier at L'Espalier at the Mandarin Oriental, in Boston, Mass., says fine teas deserve the same respect that is so often reserved for fine wines. “It is strongly to the advantage of the tea industry and all tea professionals for the public to begin to treat tea with the respect it currently reserves for wine,” says Gold. The expert and author of Culinary Tea is set to explain how to taste teas with an eye towards deconstructing the teas flavors, aromas and textures, similar to how one evaluates and appreciates the complexities and subtleties of wine. The idea is to understand how to taste tea and then, like wine, choose compatible cuisine and properly pair teas in varied circumstances.

Gold’s session is called “Pairing Fine Teas as You Would Wine,” and it showcases which wine pairing rules apply to the world of tea, and how to apply them. The session is ideal for restaurants and food service clients, for putting together a tea program that is well-matched to support their current menu. “Pairing allows the tea to be shown to its best advantage, and it puts an emphasis on the parallels between fine teas and fine wines,” says Gold. “A thorough understanding of pairing can allow a tea vendor to more fully support their food service and retail clients. It is a trickledown effect; when the potential end user tastes the tea paired well, they will gain a greater appreciation for that tea and be substantially more likely to serve it to their own guests or consume it themselves. In the case of a restaurant or caterer, the overall satisfaction of the guest will be increased, bringing a higher probability of return business. All of this can only happen if the retailer or restaurant can guide the consumer in the right direction."

Tea, Taste Biolgoy & Food Pairings –

For this World Tea East lecture/workshop, Dr. Virginia Utermohlen-Lovelace, an associate professor at Cornell University and principal at Taste Science LLC, as well as culinary school director Renee Senne, Chef de Cuisine, are priming to give World Tea East attendees a fresh new understanding of how one’s taste system works and relates to tea. Delegates will walk away with a renewed appreciation for the versatility of tea – as a partner both with and in foods – and understand how individual differences in taste function can influence consumer tea perception and preferences.

“An understanding of taste biology allows the tea professional to choose foods and recipes that enhance the tastes of both the foods and the teas,” says Utermohlen-Lovelace. “The basic principle is that different tea and food components bind to different receptors in our mouth and nose, and these receptors then send messages to the brain concerning flavor, texture and temperature. Binding of one component to a receptor can either enhance the flavor of another component or cause the flavor to taste foul, or even disappear. Consequently, we can provide the industry with both explanations and predictions: why certain combinations of tea and food are successful, while others ‘bomb’ by making the tea tasteless, or by enhancing aversive aspects of a tea-for example bitterness and astringency.”

The Hidden WOrld of Puer & Dark Tea –

In this focused tea-tasting at Word Tea East, attendees experience the secrets of the most prized, most celebrated and most expensive of all teas – Puer and dark teas. These teas possess a unique array of characteristics that make them utterly unlike any other tea in the world. Made exclusively in western China, and barred from U.S. import for years, participants may examine and taste a range of Puer and dark teas. Bill Waddington, owner of TeaSource in the Minneapolis, Minn. area, is scheduled to help attendees understand the basics of Puer and dark tea, and empower them to be able to describe the flavor and aromatic profiles of different Puer and dark teas. The session also compares the differing manufacturing processes, grades and styles of both types of teas, so retailers, restaurants and others can make informed buying decisions. In the end, delegates will be equipped to devise strategies to market, merchandise, prepare and sell these wonderful teas in their own operation.

Focused Tasting: Matcha –

In this class, World Tea East delegates focus on how to whisk the perfect bowl of traditional Matcha. The session explores how to enjoy Matcha in non-traditional ways, offers knowledge on the different grades of Matcha available in the North American market, and shows how to distinguish high quality Matcha from imitation Matcha. Speaker Fumi Sugita, executive general manager at Aiya America, guides the audience and shares other ways to use and enjoy Matcha, identify different grades of Matcha and check Matcha quality.

Lotus Leaf Tea: Dragon Tea Ceremony –

The DragonTea Ceremony features HaiyanGrzelak, a certified tea master from China and co-founder of Lotus Leaf Tea. She frequently performs the ceremony around the world, as a method to heal the body, mind and soul. On Oct. 2 at 1 p.m., Grzelak kicks off the ceremony by playing the Guzheng (an ancient Chinese instrument), to connect the audience to the natural world, where fine tea is grown and harvested. Using a Gongfu tea set and fine Dragon tea, Grzelak performs the tea ceremony with a moving meditation. According to Grzelak, tea is life and tea is energy, and this ceremony represents tea’s healing energy, to bring the audience energy, harmony, tranquility and joy.

"Reflections in Tea" Interactive Art Exhibit –

Following the Japan quake and tsunami one year ago, World Tea Media and artist Michele Brody partnered at 2011 World Tea East, to create a one-of-a-kind interactive art exhibit to provide both hope and financial support to the victims. Called "Reflections in Tea", the returning exhibit includes the temporary installation of a tea house that’s constructed out of copper pipes with walls of tea stained tea-sacs. Delegates of World Tea East have the opportunity to share a “tea experience” with the artist, within her worldwide roving tea house.

World Tea East assists tea professionals, coffeehouse owners, retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, grocers, hoteliers, chefs, restaurateurs, fast casual operators, spa owners, inn keepers and other allied specialists. It looks at the latest tea trends and topics, and presents some the latest specialty teas, wares and relates goods. For more information on attending, exhibiting or sponsoring, visit or call World Tea Media’s customer service line for World Tea East at 702-253-1893.

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