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Monday, May 4
8:00-5:30 Tea Business Boot Camp This one-of-a-kind, two-day, intensive and hands-on program covers critical topics facing the tea entrepreneur as well as provides a solid foundation of tea education. The faculty is made up of top notch educators and experienced experts successfully working in the tea industry today. 8:00-5:30   Core.01 Essentials of camellia sinensis This class introduces the tea plant, Camellia sinensis and the three factors that make it possible for this one plant to be the source of hundreds of kinds of teas. It also explores the botany of the plant, including the history, varieties, cultivars and cellular chemistry.  The class continues with the six stages of tea processing and an overview of the six types of tea that come from this single amazing plant. The session concludes with an introduction to professional cupping and the sensory evaluation of tea.Donna Fellman
Tuesday, May 5
8:00-5:30 World Origin Tasting Tour Attention passengers! Please take your seats and buckle your seat belts for an unbelievable day trip around the world of tea. This full day session is a highly interactive, educational, and entertaining program covering the tastes and cultures of some of the most important tea growing regions in the world.
Wednesday, May 6
EXHIBIT HALL HOURS: 11:00am - 5:30pm
A Social History of Tea in the UK and the USATo coincide with the publication of the new edition of A Social History of Tea, Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson will tell the story of tea’s rise in importance in the culture and commerce of Britain and the USA.  Through 360 years, tea has grown from its initial role as an expensive aristocratic luxury beverage to become an essential part of everyday life.  Along the way it caused civil and international wars, brought about the introduction of new laws and taxes, influenced politics, architecture, interior design, manners, mealtimes and fashion. It affected trade, created wealth, sustained workers through the industrial revolution, gave strength to the temperance movement, and helped women in their fight for the vote. Today, its powerful and positive health message has led to an ever-increasing interest in the world’s favourite restorative, recuperative and refreshing drink.
Jane Pettigrew, Bruce Richardson

The Need for Standards for Specialty TeaThis is a panel discussion about the need for standards for specialty tea. Standards are a requisite for a specialty product. The lack of which creates a chaotic market and is especially damaging for small businesses focused on quality to compete with big businesses that benefit from economies as scale that are out of reach for small independent business. Without standards the complete supply chain is affected, and ultimately consumers pay the price in both dollars and product satisfaction. Panelists include:
  • Dan Bolton, President, Mystic Media/Tea Biz Blog
  • Elyse Petersen, Founder, Tealet
  • Greg Glancy, Founder, Norbu Tea Company, LLC
  • Jennifer English, Founder, Food & Wine Radio Network

Austin Hodge
Selling Tea For Health: The Power of Talking About Tea and HealthDr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil and Oprah can speak freely about the health benefits of tea while the FDA limits merchants from using this powerful message. So. . .What can we say? How do we (legally) tap into this conversation and build our businesses on the current scientific research and the ancient healing wisdom? Babette Donaldson, author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book, presents an overview for WTE's new educational track, "Tea Up For Health," discussing ways to navigate the narrows created by government controls and still have meaningful conversations with customers about the many healthful benefits of a tea lifestyle.
Babette Donaldson
Tasting Darjeeling: A Tea Estate Manager's InsightsCome experience a tasting tour of Darjeeling.  Guided by a former Darjeeling estate manager, and a long-time tea importer you’ll taste and learn to discern flavor: differences, exceptionality, flaws, and quality characteristics of numerous north Indian teas.  Rajiv and Bill will also explain why and how these sensory differences occur.
Bill Waddington, Rajiv Lochan

Taking Tea to New Heights in the Coffee Shop Rising tea sales are helping many beverage chains in the U.S. and Canada today. In particular, tea-based signature drinks are the drivers for increased profits in these businesses. This presentation makes the case for tea as a cornerstone ingredient in the coffee & tea bar, exploring a multitude of recipe options, demonstrating how to effectively train baristas in tea knowledge & presentation, streamline operations, and experiment knowledgeably & creatively to produce unique beverage lists centered around tea. 
Mary Kloberdanz
The Art of Food and Beverage Pairing There is no food that can not be enhanced with the ideal beverage pairing. This is in fact the heart of the culinary experience. Finding effective pairings is fun, challenging and delicious.  While focusing on pairing with tea, we will look at the basic concepts behind pairing food and beverage, and how to use them to guide your choices.  
Cynthia Gold
Evolution of Flavor In this hands-on intensive seminar, you will learn how scenting, blending and flavoring affect the final cup of tea. Learn how your body is influenced by the type of flavoring used. Explore the organoleptic and scientific aspects of flavor. Experiment with different types of flavors and flavor applications. 
Chris Johnston

Tea Blending: the Alchemy of Tea Join us for a hands-on workshop exploring the inspiring world of blending teas and herbal infusions with Victoria Bisogno, engineer, tea blender of Charming Blends and educator at El Club del Te. Tea Blending is not just an art; it is a set of techniques and knowledge. In this session, participants will discover the basic rules and techniques of tea blending alongside with guidelines to help develop their creativity. Attendees will also make their own tea blends by hand using quality materials.
Victoria Bisogno 
From Leaf to Cup

If you add it all up, it would not be a stretch to say there are literally thousands upon thousands of tea variations served in the world.  A myriad of selections, countless flavors, and numerous styles all boil down to 4 basic teas and one plant, Camellia Sinensis.  By increasing your understanding of tea varieties, processing methods and brewing procedures your tea program and profits will improve- no matter how simple, or how sophisticated, it is. In this session, Jack Groot, a coffeeshop founder, coffee consultant and coffee businessman, will share his “Ah-Ha” experience with tea and how everything changed from that day on.Don’t miss this informational and interactive session!

Jack Groot

Capitalizing on Culture – Using Tea Culture to Increase SalesThe teas you sell are produced by peoples with centuries of unique tradition. Colorful native cultures, ethnic tea customs and historical intrigue can pique your customers’ interests and encourage them to try something new – or something you are trying to move. Journey to the exotic lands that are the home of tea and “bring back” inspiring, colorful and useful ideas to get your customers excited to take a trip of their own through tasting your teas. Capture their imaginations with a chai festival; tantalize them with a tea ceremony; intrigue them with indigenous tea rituals, and lead them to the sales counter with “souvenirs” from your store.
Dan Robertson
Tea by IntuitionIf tea is just about adding leaves to water, and hopefully the resulting drink tastes good, then why do we get so hung up on having complicated brewing charts? Why do we need something to tell us the temperature difference between sencha and kukicha - BOTH Japanese green teas? Like the well-trained Chef who stopped cooking from recipes years ago, you, too, can learn tea by intuition. In this session, we’ll look more deeply into what's actually happening during the tea infusion process. We’ll examine the key variables in any cup of tea - the water, the leaf and the heat - and what those elements are working with and against for any given style. We’ll discuss being able to look at the dry leaf and understand what it’s “telling" you it needs. We’ll also cover how to intuitively choose the right brew ware for your tea. No more rules or blindly following directions - tea and tea alone is all you need!
Donna Fellman, Suzette Hammond
Global State of the Industry: A Review of the Top Tea Trends and Markets Around the WorldThis session will focus on the largest and fastest growing tea markets around the world and provide insights into the top trends that are driving sales from Istanbul to Brazil using Euromonitor’s latest beverages data. Join Senior Beverages Analyst, Jonas Feliciano as he discusses the latest drivers for consumer demand across the globe and what it means for producers and distributors in the upcoming year.
Howard Telford

Design Your Success...Strategic Store Layout, Visual Merchandising and Web Site AdviceAre you planning to open a retail tea store, or do you want to refresh your current business? Learn from three successful single store owners how to pinpoint your vision, create a realistic blueprint and how execute your plan. You'll receive practical advice on store layout, visual merchandising tips and web site advice.
Ellen Leaf-Moore, Victoria Boyert, Chris Coccagna
The Healing Power of Tea: Ancient Roots, Scientific BranchesHow are the health benefits of tea described in the sixteenth century classic of Chinese herbal medicine, the Ben Cao Gang Mu, the Roots and Herbs Compendium? An expert in classical Chinese, Ken will translate essential portions of the text that are unknown in the West. He will then examine how modern science confirms this ancient wisdom. There will be a survey of the key concepts and supportive research, in easy to understand terms, with a special emphasis on heart disease and cancer. Finally, returning to the healing roots of tea, Ken will discuss the concept of cha qi "tea qi", and teach a simple breathing technique that increases sensitivity to tea's healing effects.
Ken Cohen
Pure Ceylon Teas In 2014, the Sri Lanka Tea Board named David De Candia its first ambassador of Ceylon Tea for USA and Canada. Come and join David as he guides students through the various grades of Ceylon tea from each of the growing regions. 
David De Candia

The Many Tastes of ChaiCome taste various modern takes on traditional Indian masala chai. Take home recipes, know how and inspiration to craft your own chai in house. Sarah Scarborough has been making and selling her blend, Firepot Chai, and exploring global taste of Chai since 2001.
Sarah Scarborough

TBAWorkshop description coming soon!
 12:30-1:30  Amplifying Your Business Voice Through Tea BloggersLearn the secrets to approaching the right bloggers for your target market as well as the do's and don'ts of requesting a product review. Knowing the right way to partner with bloggers not only raises awareness of your company and products, but also increases revenues with no-to-low cost to you.
Moderator: Jen Piccotti,
Panelists: Jo Johnson, Nicole Martin, Geoffrey F. Norman
Starting a Tea Business: Above & Beyond Tea Business Boot CampThe Tea Business Boot camp is a superb introduction to tea, the tea community, and basic business principles. But there is only so much that can be covered. Learn what else you need to know from a TBBC graduate who started there—on the ground floor—to now growing an international business.
Toffler Niemuth
Beyond Antioxidants: Real Functional Benefits of TeaJoin Dr. Lenore Arab as she shares the truth behind antioxidants! There’s a new scientific consensus regarding flavonoids and experts now dismiss the antioxidant activity (free radical scavenging) hypothesis. Come and learn why this is and how to explain this to your clients/consumers. In this session, you’ll be introduced to alternative mechanisms of action other than antioxidant activity of how flavonoids and tea may affect the cerebrovascular and cardiovascular system. You will understand the epidemiologic foundation supporting associations between tea consumption and cardiovascular health including coronary heart disease and stroke. You’ll also understand how tea and flavonoids in tea affect vascular function. By the close of the session, you will be able to specify dietary guidelines and tailored recommendations for your consumers regarding cardiovascular health and choice of beverage.
Lenore Arab
        1:30-4:30 The Organoleptic Experience of Tea: Why and HowTaste scientist Virginia Utermohlen and tea educator Donna Fellman join forces and expertise to lead you on an experiential exploration of your sensory systems and their interactions with the molecular make-up of teas. Come learn about the molecules in tea and how they got there, then discover what these molecules do when they reach your palate and send flavor messages to you brain. Don’t let a little physiology, biology, botany, biochemistry and physics stand between you and your understanding of the tastes of teas: we’ll open the door to a whole new world of organoleptic experiences with your favorite beverage – tea. We guarantee great tea, a fresh new appreciation of your own palate, and a very good time!
Donna Fellman, Virginia Utermohlen
Tea Cupping 101 Anyone can buy and sell tea. However, the most successful tea professionals rely on depth of knowledge, experience and credibility that can only be developed from daily comparative tasting. The cupping method is internationally regarded as the industry standard for evaluating tea quality, from the garden to the consumer, and all points between. During this session, learn basic techniques for evaluating tea using the professional cupping method, and apply those techniques in creative and practical ways to build a solid foundation of sustainable business growth.
Mo Sardella 
Thursday, May 7
EXHIBIT HALL HOURS: 11:00am - 5:30pm
Ready-To-Drink Tea 101 From Concept to Consumer The popularity of tea beverages has been soaring as consumers have become more aware of tea’s health benefits. In this session attendees will learn how to interpret consumer insights and turn them into commercial ready-to-drink tea beverages. The session will include identifying ingredients, processors and how to find sources of development support. How tea beverages are made will be demonstrated hands on and this will include tasting.

Anton Angelich & Rob Bent

Single Serve: Tea in an InstantTea in capsules will account for 10% of all bagged and loose leaf sales in the US in 2014, up from 6.5% in 2013 and growing at a much faster pace than coffee. Retailers, wholesalers and distributors need to understand the competitive advantages of offering this format and the limitations it imposes.
Dan Bolton
Emerging Hot Issues in Current US Tea MarketIn this presentation, current issues related to health benefits, scientific research, product quality, false marketing/labeling, health claims, and tea myths will be addressed. The solutions/answers will be provided based on scientific facts, data, and literatures.
Youngmok Kim
Rare Wulongs: Contemporary and ClassicExplore the fascinating world of semi-oxidized teas. From techniques of manufacture to flavor profiles, no other tea category contains such contrast and diversity. British tea taster Kevin Gascoyne leads us through a tasting of classic and contemporary Wulongs, explaining each tea’s source, development, signature flavor elements and various infusion possibilities.
Kevin Gascoyne

How to Get Coffee Drinkers to Enjoy TeaThere isn’t a rule that says coffee drinkers can’t be tea drinkers too. Folks can enjoy both.  Many ardent coffee drinkers are trying to become tea lovers for various reasons due to health, digestion, reducing caffeine intake, and overall interest. However, since coffee and tea are vastly diverse beverages, sometimes coffee drinkers struggle to find a tea that they can appreciate and take pleasure from drinking. There are ways to help a coffee lover enjoy tea, but you have to know where to start.
Lisa Boalt Richardson
Oolong SommelierJoin this in-depth tasting session where Thomas Shu takes students through 6 different Taiwan Oolongs, teaching them to cup and log their experiences based on the oxidation levels: Pouchong, Jade Oolong, Classic Tung Ting, Amber Oolong, Oriental Beauty and Formosa Bonita. Thomas will help the audience find the Harmony Code in each tea and create a discussion regarding the best way of serving.
Thomas Shu
Advanced Blending: Single Estate Ceylon TeasThis three hour workshop will focus exclusively on blending the various leaf grades from Sri Lanka to create unique blends without the use of flavors, botanicals or other origin teas. We will cover blends from the smallest grades like BP1 up to an OPA. Tasting these various leaf grades separately and together will help in creating future blends. The goal is to utilize the inherent flavors and aromas that these single origin teas bring to the cup from their manufacture and combine them with larger or smaller leaf grades, taking into account elevation and origin processing methods. Whether you are ultimately creating a flavored tea latte or a straight hot cup of tea, knowing how blend single estate teas from a single origin can give you the edge you need to be exclusive in your tea program.
David De Candia

Tea Processing - An Experiential Lab, Day 1 Roll up your sleeves! In this two-day class your basic understanding of how tea is made will be taken to an entirely new level through hands-on experience. Participate in the process of transforming several pounds of raw tea leaf material into white, green, yellow, oolong, and black teas. From withering to rolling and shaping through oxidation and the final firing, every stage of processing expresses the art and science of tea production. Each of these stages will be discussed and then experienced through the feel, fragrance, and flavor of the tea leaves. The class concludes with an analytical cupping of the five teas produced. Attendees are expected to have basic knowledge of tea and cupping experience.
Donna Fellman & Bill Waddington

Promoting Sustainability and Climate Mitigation in the Global Tea SystemWhat is the impact of climate change on tea quality and how can tea industry agents mitigate this risk? We will explore these topics from a sustainability framework and guided tea tasting. Tangible business practices will be recommended that can be adopted towards enhanced sustainability of the global tea system.
Selena Ahmed

The Big Chill in Premium TeaFresh Cup Magazine referred to Cold Brew as a “great gateway to specialty tea”. Americans have been fans of iced tea for more than a century. According to the Tea Association of America, more than eighty percent of tea we consume in the U.S. is iced. Off the bat, this sizable market niche makes cold brew tea an intriguing option. Many upscale restaurants and cafes now prepare their iced teas using the cold brew method.  Foodservice professionals have touted the ease and flexibility of the process, as well as the finesse of the resulting flavor. In addition, research studies have touted the chemical benefits to cold brewing certain teas. This session will provide a comprehensive introduction and overview to cold brew tea. At the conclusion of the session, attendees will have an understanding of what makes cold brew tea different and how it could play into their foodservice offerings.
Maria Uspenski
Wellness Teas: What You Need to Know to Safely, Effectively, and Legally Blend and Market Tea and HerbsWellness teas and herbs, often overlooked by Camellia sinensis devotees, are central to what many consumers think of as “tea.” Discover how to connect with this consumer by blending tea and herbs for health, and tap into the huge and growing, health-conscious niche without getting into hot water.
Toffler Niemuth
Direct Trade - Building Relationships with Tea ProducersRetailers looking to differentiate their product offering can now develop relationships with tea producers, providing more transparency of sourcing to their customers. Lessons can be learned from the infrastructure developed in the coffee industry. Terms and standards for direct trade will be defined in this presentation as well as a look at the status quo of the tea industry and how retailers can move forward with direct trade practices.
Elyse Petersen

Tea on Tour: The Power of MobileEver attend a concert? Fact: The true show isn’t what you see on the stage. It’s everything that it took to put the talent on the stage. You’re the tea talent.  Farmer’s market or festival; pop up or kiosk; allow Kevin to help with the mobile logistics of your tea business.
Kevin Christiansen
UncertainTEA:  Helping consumers navigate tea choices for optimum health and sustainabiliTEAMelinda Hemmelgarn, aka “The Food Sleuth®” is a Registered Dietitian and trusted consumer educator and advocate.  She writes, speaks and hosts “Food Sleuth Radio,” a nationally syndicated radio interview program that amplifies voices of farmers, film makers, researchers and health care providers to help listeners “think beyond their plates” (and tea cups). Hemmelgarn helps consumers understand tea’s unique role in protecting their health,  and steers them through the crowded and often confusing “natural” and “green” marketplace to find truly sustainable food and beverage choices.  The Food (and Tea) Sleuth will explain what consumers most want and need to know about tea, review tea terms and labels, and identify earth-friendly, safe and nutritious teas.  She’ll explain where consumer confusion lies, and how retailers can best communicate and serve their customers.
Melinda Hemmelgarn
A Hands-On Introduction to MatchaMichael Kaneko, of Aiya America, will lead this informational tasting which will include an instructional portion on how to prepare a bowl of Matcha. Students will get hands-on during the 90-minutes, having the opportunity to participate and whisk their own cup!
Michael Kaneko

The Evolution of the Tea CocktailTea Cocktails are not new!  From the original historic Colonial Tea Punches through Scottish Hot Toddies to modern tea cocktails, tea cocktails are not a gimmick.  They are a slowly evolving trend with a fascinating history that parallels and perhaps leads the history of the cocktail itself.
Cynthia Gold
Coffee Leaf Tea: The Revolutionary New TeaComing into the spotlight in 2015 has been coffee leaf tea, which is an infusion of arabica coffee leaves. Wize Monkey was formed by the two founders during their Master’s studies, and they plan to revolutionize coffee economies by creating a deliciously unique infusion that also boasts higher antioxidants than green tea. Traditionally, coffee farms are only profitable three months of the year; however, by harvesting the leaves year-round, growers can create stable work and more sustainably improve their quality of life. Register now to get an exclusive look of this hot new brew that has made headlines worldwide in both tea and coffee media, and see how this developing category can attract new and existing customers.
Max Rivest & Arnaud Petitvallet
 12:30-1:30  What It Means to be a Certified B Corporation in the Tea IndustryThis will be a panel of certified B Corp tea companies featuring Teatulia Organic Teas, Guayaki, Traditional Medicinals, B Lab and Yogi Tea. Each will discuss what it means to be certified, how it's impacted their business model and marketing initiatives, and why everyone should be taking steps to become a company that uses business as a force for good. Questions are encouraged from the audience.
Panelists: Linda Appel Lipsius, Ana Yazdi, Darrick Blinoff, Andy Fyfe, David Binkowski
Where is Tea on Your Menu?In this session we will explore the benefits of incorporating tea into other parts of your business: In your menu, in menu pairing and how to engage your customers and staff into talking about tea. It is not only a hot beverage, but a cold beverage, but also can be used IN recipes to cook with as well as to pair with food items on your menu.  Instead of the traditional wine and cheese, you can now encourage a wine and tea and cheese event; this will make it less expensive for restaurants and customers alike. Its easier to add specialty tea to the menu if you know what makes both sides tick!  It’s a great way to end a meal with a great cup of tea vs a ho-hum cup of tea, the end of the meal is what makes the whole meal memorable!  For the restaurant, it's figuring out the hesitation: is it convenience, is it cost, is it staff training? Come to this session to increase your tea offering and increase your profits and customers’ satisfaction at the same time…it’s a win/win.
Raelene Gannon
Tea’s Dynamic Duo - Caffeine and TheanineWhether you drink tea for health or for its taste you’ll be aware it does more than quench your thirst.  Tea has a unique complex pair of neuro-active compounds – caffeine and theanine.  Each with a profound effect on your body and mind and each subtly balancing the other.  We will examine this dynamic duo: sources, levels, effects, benefits – and myths.
Nigel Melican
        1:30-4:30 Teaching Tea: A Train The Trainer CoursePutting your hard earned tea knowledge to meaningful use through training others is tremendously challenging - even for the most experienced tea professionals! Yet, investing time and energy into effective, dynamic training is one of the best ways to build a tea program with longevity in your cafe, shop or restaurant. It is THE number one topic we are asked about in our work as partners to tea businesses. So, where and how do you start imparting everything you know (or don’t know!) about tea? In this Skill Building Workshop, we will examine strategies for onboarding and creating a path for continual learning for your staff through a living training program. Through a combination of shared experience from the field, peer discussion and hands-on group tasting exercises, we will identify both benefits and issues of different types of training environments, effective tools and materials to accommodate different learning styles, and strategies for leading your staff through carefully planned tea tastings. We’ll also address common challenges we come across as widely-traveled tea educators, so you can approach your own training program with confidence and market validity.
Suzette Hammond, Marissa Reddy
Friday, May 8
EXHIBIT HALL HOURS: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Educate Your Customers While Making a Profit Your customers are eager to know more about the culture of  tea. This session will give you everything needed to teach seven easy one-hour classes in your retail location. Learn how you can entice customers to purchase tea and wares as they infuse this healthy beverage into a healthy lifestyle.
Bruce Richardson

Regulatory Compliance: Tips, Tricks & TechniquesRegulatory compliance is a sea of alphabet soup.  Learn easy tips, tricks and techniques to navigate your way to ensure your programs meet Federal guidelines. In this course we will discuss OSHA, Food Defense, Food Safety (HACCP, SSOP, GMP, Allergen, etc.), as well as, Organic, Kosher and Halal. Whether you are new to these requirements or a seasoned veteran, this seminar will help you create actionable next steps to ensure compliance.
Scott Svihula
Tea & YogaThe evolution of the specialty tea market is coincident with the rise of a class of consumers who are health conscious and interested in Eastern culture. Until recently, Tazo’s tea boxes were labeled with “Blessed by a certified tea shaman” and many tea brands continue to use new-age-style product labeling and messaging. Starbucks/Teavana promotes the importance of “a life well lived,” and balance. Where coffee is the often looked to as the elixir of efficiency and overstimulation, tea encourages reflection and energizes through renewal. This is not to say that tea culture is somehow anti-modern, but rather that modern tea culture often draws on themes of purification and restoration which dovetail with increasingly popular practices like yoga and meditation. In this session, you will gain an understanding as to how yoga and the modern tea ritual complement one another by examining the parallel natures of tea drinking and the practice of yoga.

Maria Uspenski & Margaret Burns-Vap
Skill-Building Workshop: Tea Baking BasicsTea baking is designed to create signature teas. From any given tea, with a specified program, a “tea baker” can introduce a new tea that has never been tasted on the market before.  Unlike roasting of coffee beans, where there is high heat with continual movement of the beans, tea baking is a stand still low heat process to penetrate the leaves.  Previously, continual baking was often used to stabilize the conditions of the leaves.  Now, individual signature baking creates another series of teas, where one can create layers of complexity and uniqueness to the teas one sells.
Thomas Shu

Marriages Made in Tea and Dessert Heaven What's better than a properly brewed cup of tea? Give up? A properly brewed cup of tea paired with a dessert tailor-made to bring out the best in the tea and create a satisfying dialogue between bites of the desserts and sips of the cuppa. Most Darjeelings favor a fruity dessert, berries, citrus and stone fruit all marry well with these champagnes of the tea world. Neighbors to Darjeelings, Assams grown in the adjacent Indian northeast take to milk and other dairy beautifully; hence a felicitous pairing with a caramel flavored dessert where dairy and sweetness are wrapped up in a delicious package. With their sometimes smoky notes, Chinese black teas are perfect partners to chocolate based desserts. In this class, we will explore those felicitous pairings and more, with tastes aplenty to bring the point home deliciously. Recipes and tips will be included with suggestions for specific pairings. Get ready to get those taste buds soaring!
Robert Wemischner
Skill-Building Workshop: How to Conduct a Succesful Tea Tasting Learn how to organize, market, and present a successful, profitable tea tasting. This session is designed to provide traditional & mobile retailers, food service professionals, and everyone selling and serving tea what’s needed. Present a well-structured tasting that will ringing up sales, establish expertise, and build customer loyalty. Walk away with details for event marketing, tea selection, handouts, topics, set up and selling.
Beth Johnston

Tea Processing - An Experiential Lab, Day 2Roll up your sleeves! In this two-day class your basic understanding of how tea is made will be taken to an entirely new level through hands-on experience. Participate in the process of transforming several pounds of raw tea leaf material into white, green, yellow, oolong, and black teas. From withering to rolling and shaping through oxidation and the final firing, every stage of processing expresses the art and science of tea production. Each of these stages will be discussed and then experienced through the feel, fragrance, and flavor of the tea leaves. The class concludes with an analytical cupping of the five teas produced. Attendees are expected to have basic knowledge of tea and cupping experience.
Donna Fellman
Increasing Your Sales With the New Matcha Madness TrendWith Matcha being the new Culinarary Trend of 2015, learn to maximize your sales with the revered ceremonial green tea that is making its way into the  American  mainstream market. Learn the expansive world of this growing tea trend and how to integrate Matcha into your  business through culinary diplomacy.
Rona Tison

Secrets to Webinar Success: Engage Your Audience VirtuallyWebinars have certain advantages over presenting live, such as reaching an international audience while sitting at your desk in your pajamas! Learn the special tools and skillset required to truly engage your audience and keep their attention on a webinar, while they grapple with distractions like e-mail and social media.
Lisa Braithwaite
The Organic Tea EcosystemJoin one of North America’s most celebrated tea masters for a 60 minutes journey into the world of organic tea as he sees it. Discussing the production and marketing of organic teas, it will be an intense hour packed full of insights, little known facts, trade secrets and original ideas that only Greg Lui could bring.
Greg Lui
Growing Tea Commercially in the USA There is trending interest in tea growing in the USA - but sparse information on how to set up a tea growing business.  How is it different to other countries? How can it be profitable? Where do I start? What are the limitations?
Nigel Melican

Creating a Contemporary Tea SalonThis presentation will reveal the “secrets” of Secret Tea Society - leader of the contemporary tea salon movement.  The history of how this new concept of an old idea came to fruition, important ingredients of creating a true salon environment, mix of guests, tea presentation, food, topic-of-the-day, and most, of all, the rhythm. 
Angela Strach-Gotthardt
Herbal and Medicinal 'Tea;' Safely Navigating the New MarketHerbs are big business in Tea. Herbal and medicinal ‘tea’, what are called tisanes, now represent a stunning 26.4% of the total US market and their share is growing at double digits. With 2013 sales exceeding $375M USD, herbal ingredients are no longer just flavoring, color or additives but beverages in their own right, and with their own requirements. Establishing professional parameters for tisanes and herbals, covering brewing, cupping and most importantly, knowledge of therapeutic activity, potency and potential drug interactions is long overdue. Some education is required if we are to responsibly get the best from the herbs while consumers look to the industry for expertise and advice. The public have spoken, herbs deserve your attention. This presentation will introduce new standards and potentials for safely navigating this exciting market demand.
Suzanne Catty
The Essentials of Puerh AppraisalWith the meteoric rise in popularity of Pu-erh tea in the US, the ability to identify and authenticate the quality of Pu-erh is critical for consumers and retailers. In this focused analysis of different types and vintages of Pu-erh, you will develop comparative tasting and evaluating skills.
Linda Louie

The Leaf & The Grain: Tea & Scotch PairingTea taster Kevin Gascoyne leads us through the fascinating flavor complexities of two very distinct spectrums. Pairing rare teas with fine Scotch—combinations that enhance and others that conflict—Kevin leads us to explore subtle details within the flavor profiles of some of the World’s finest tasting experiences.
Kevin Gascoyne
Tea, Bitters, and the Science of Taste Bitters are botanical infusions that extract the vital flavor and medicinal properties of plants and can be used to enhance cocktails, tea, soda and meals. This tasting will focus on the use of bitters in tea, as well as the use of tea-based bitters in other beverages, including cocktails. 
Selena Ahmed
12:30-1:30 Tea Moves Back into the Bar & Back to the KitchenBeverage is the area that is one of the leaders right now for experimentation.  Culinary cocktails are one of the categories in the spotlight.  Everything from bacon, herbs, fruits, to veggies are the rockstars at the bar.  And tea is showing up in cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Tea is also tracking the other way into food as it shows up as a seasoning in desserts, mains, and side dishes. The speakers will explore the forces behind the movement of tea into beverage and its move back into the kitchen.  As the pattern unfolds, more lateral moves are to come and those involved in beverage and culinary should consider looking outside their specialties to see the upcoming changes.  The session will conclude with future direction for companies to take and gap analysis to reveal white space for industry to move into. An oral presentation accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation will be comprised of hundreds of quantitative research studies and industry movements. The analytics are based on Military Intelligence and Chaos Theory. The oral presentation will be followed by Q&A for the audience.
Suzy Badaracco
Curating Tea Experiences and TastingsTea Tastings are a passe. Tea is no longer just a commodity. It is a lifestyle product. How to craft events and experiences that strengthen this positioning for your tea room or tea product.. Create new customer interaction points with events. Learn how to curate and design engaging experiences around tea for an audience size ranging from 10 to 1000.
Snigdha Manchanda
The Beau’tea of Tea – Revitalizing Skincare with TeaNicola Salter, author of Hot Water for Tea and Clinical Aromatherapist, takes you on an aromatic journey of the senses with essential oils and teas discovering the many unique benefits for drinking tea for beautiful skin and creating your own tea skincare, teas for cellulite and even tea perfumes.
Nicola Salter

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